3CX Phone Systems

3CX Phone System is a software-based PBX for Windows, based on the open SIP protocol. Because 3CX works with SIP it supports popular SIP phones, VoIP providers and Gateways, ensuring you’ll never get locked in with one particular vendor.

3CX Phone System is a mature product and installed at more than 20,000 companies worldwide with a combined total of more than 1,000,000 extensions.

Our commitment to deliver a quality, innovative and and open IP PBX has been recognized many times over as it has been the recipient of numerous industry awards.

Runs on Microsoft Windows
Completely Software Based
Save Costs
Easy IP Phone Management
Quick to Install
Runs on Microsoft Windows

One of the unique things about 3CX Phone System is that it does not require a proprietary hardware box. Instead it runs on Windows Server and on standard server hardware.

This in contrast to many other IP PBXs today that run on Linux. Businesses run their data networks on Windows not Linux and they should be able to run their phone systems on Windows, too. What’s more, it makes integration with popular Windows applications far easier.

3CX Phone System is the only IP PBX to have passed Microsoft’s Quality testing for Window Server 2008 and 2012.

Completely Software Based

The fact that 3CX Phone System is a pure software PBX gives it many advantages over a hardware based appliance.

It is easier to manage and control since it’s just another Windows server application. You can forget about having to learn Linux as well as going through painful Linux updates.

It also scales a lot better as you can add more phones and lines as you go along, without being limited by the ports or processor of an appliance.

You can install it on an existing server or virtualize it on Hyper-V or VMware and eliminate extra hardware, energy and management costs.

You can easily backup your PBX to a disk and restore on another machine in case of hardware failure! Try doing that when your appliance breaks down.

Being Windows based means we can leverage Windows features and its modern development technologies and therefore we can innovate faster than on a custom built OS. It also makes it easier to integrate with existing Windows server applications such as Exchange.

Save Costs

You’ll save a lot on telephony costs with 3CX Phone System too. First of all, the 3CX purchase cost is much lower than a traditional PBX. It’s also much cheaper to expand, you won’t need expensive expansion ports to add additional lines. To add extensions, just add IP phones or smartphones.

Since the interface is straightforward, you can easily administer extension and line settings yourself and save big on consulting and administration fees of your telco reseller.

You will save on your monthly phone bill too. Leverage local VoIP Providers or Skype Connect  to make low cost international calls. And if you have branch offices, all inter-office calls can be made free of charge. Same goes for calls to and from Remote Extensions. You will see significant savings on your monthly phone bill.

Easy IP Phone Management

3CX Phone System takes the headache out of managing IP Phones. First of all, it can automatically provision all your IP Phones and apply changes to their configuration automatically. If you change a configuration option or a password, 3CX will take care of pushing out this change to the IP Phones and smartphones.

3CX can automatically configure IP Phones with all extensions settings such as the corporate phonebook, the Message Waiting Indicator and the phones BLF fields.

New firmwares for phones are pre-tested by 3CX, ensuring that the firmware is fully compatible with 3CX. Then network administrators can download and apply the firmware to ALL phones in the network with a few mouse clicks. In addition, the interface allows the administrator to easily reboot or re-provision a phone remotely.

3CX can also configure a phone as a remote extension, so that an employee can take the phone home and be able to easily work from home.

3CX reduces phone administration to next to nothing!

Quick to Install

3CX Phone System is quick to install too. Setup will automatically install all components for you. Furthermore 3CX will support popular phones out of the box.  Automatically configure Yealink, Snom or Grandstream IP Phones with a few mouse clicks. Provision Android and iPhones as extensions via an email attachment.

Keep your existing phone lines but using VoIP Gateways – again these are auto configured by 3CX and will save you hours of deploy time. Add SIP trunks or Skype connect via preconfigured templates.

3CX works to automatically configure hardware for you, saving you countless hours during installation. 3CX will also support you in configuring supported hardware.