AWS Services and Products

AWS Services and products

The Amazon Web Services abbreviated to AWS pertains to a whole set of services and tools which are entrusted with the aim to automate infrastructure operations like management tasks and user access. The security, durability, and efficiency of the IT sector are in safe hands with AWS services. Right from application-level assistance to sound management services, it has become the go to solution. All one needs to do is to abide by the virtual tenets of building, optimizing, and accelerating via the Amazon Web Services.

Different service models of AWS

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS offers you a complete product that can be easily managed and run by your service provider. In the majority of cases, people who refer to software as a service refer to it as an end-user application. SaaS offering enables you to get rid of the complexity of maintenance of your service and aids you in managing the underlying infrastructure. You can access the applications from different client devices using a thin client interface like a program interface or a web browser. 

Advantages of SaaS

·      It’s quite beneficial for the small companies and organizations that are planning to launch an e-commerce venture quickly and can’t dedicate time for software or server issues.

·      It’s great for affordable collaboration in short term projects 

·      A good choice for applications that are not in much use such as tax software

·      Great for applications that require both mobile and web access

Platform as a service (PAAS)

It offers the capability to the user to easily deploy on the consumer-created cloud infrastructure, and it can be run directly through a web browser. It uses the web to deliver applications that can be managed by third party vendors. The best thing is that SaaS totally evades the need to run and install applications on an individual computer. You can easily streamline your support and maintenance through SaaS as everything is managed by the vendors. Some of the most popular offerings of SaaS include collaboration, email, healthcare applications, and customer relationship management. 

·      Highly scalable

·      Helps in the automation of your business policy

·      Can be a great choice for the developers who want to customize the apps without the added pressure of maintaining the software.

·      Helps in easy migration to any of the hybrid models

Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)

Cloud infrastructure service, which is also known as IaaS is a self-service type of model suitable for accessing, managing, and monitoring remote datacentre infrastructure. Instead of purchasing the hardware outright, you can purchase IaaS based on the consumption like electricity or other utility bills. IaaS users manage applications, middleware, data runtime, and OSes. It allows businesses to purchase resources based on demand and need.

Advantages of IaaS

·      An extremely flexible model of cloud computing

·      You can have complete control of your infrastructure

·      You can purchase the resources as per your need

·      Highly scalable

·      It’s extremely easy to deploy storage networking processing power and server.

AWS key components

To understand the distributed computing potency of AWS, we need to have a look at the main segments of the cloud. There are different facets of AWS, but we’ll focus only on the key components.

Amazon cluster 

Popularly called as Amazon compute, AWS mainly has ELB (Elastic burden adjusting) and EC2 (Elastic cloud figure) as the main computing services. This is because of the excellence of these instances that organizations can scale up or down depending on their need. Designers and system administrators use EC2 instance to boot and get the hold of computing instances in the platform of the cloud. The pricing depends on use. The newbies to AWS get around 750 hours of EC2 every month for one year. Apart from this, there are three other pricing models like reserve instance, on-demand, and spot instance.

Depending on the storage requirements, area, complexity, and size on-demand cost range from $0.13 to $4.60. 


Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) offers a flexible systems administration capability in AWS. This means that it offers a private cloud and completely built in security. VPC comes free with EC2. AWS Direct Connect Service lets all the users connect directly with the cloud bypassing internet. The pricing is done on per hour basis.


Protect all your diverse web applications from the most threatened web exploits through AWS WAF. By defining the customizable security rules, you can gain complete control over the traffic that you want to block or allow to reach your web applications. You can also use AWS WAF for creating custom rules that are helpful in blocking the patterns of a common attack like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and rules designed for all your applications. You can even  deploy new rules within minutes by responding quickly to change traffic patterns. AWS WAF also comes with a fully-featured API which can be used to automate the deployment, maintenance, and creation of web security rules.


AWS is on every company’s radar in the recent era due to its compliance services and access management capabilities. It allows users to innovate and scale while maintaining the most secure environment. Apart from this, you only need to pay for those services that you want. This reduces the upfront expense completely, and you get the best compliance services at a reduced cost than in an on-premise environment. 


AWS offers resizable and cost efficient capacity while automating the difficult administration tasks like database setup, hardware provisioning , backup, and patching. You can replicate your database easily to Amazon RDS by using AWS Database Service. 


You can get complete control of your cloud environment through AWS. It allows you to centralize all your operational data and gives you the authority to automate tasks across your different AWS resources.Whether you want to create logical groups like applications or different layer of application stacks, you can easily do all this by selecting a resource group and viewing the recent API activities. 

Advantages of migrating to AWS

Here are the reasons why you should migrate your IT infrastructure to AWS

Disaster recovery

Amazon is the sole entity that has taken responsibility for processing the data of millions of diverse businesses. The incredible redundancy and safe protocols keep your data backed up and safe. It offers a 99.95 percent guaranteed uptime which makes the businesses confident that their data will always be safe and available even in case of extreme disasters. The end users also don’t need to worry about the back-up protocol or investment in media to store archived files. AWS will take care of all of this!


The most crucial reason why you need to shift your business to AWS is that it offers unmatched elasticity. You no longer need to estimate your computing needs. Rather the capacity can be decreased or increased whenever you want. Gone is the time when it was mandatory for you to buy massive servers for the anticipation of your project where you had to invest a huge amount of money just to estimate whether the particular percentage of your server is being utilized or not. Whether you’re a big business house or a startup, you don’t need to scramble in order to back up your files or to move items in archive to create space for the new projects. 

Cost management

The AWS platform offers major benefits of cost management. The first benefit is that IaaS such as AWS can be availed as a monthly service. Various organizations and businesses can stretch their budget across twelve months which elucidates the need to have a huge funding for on-time up-gradation or overhaul of your IT system. Another great benefit is that you don’t need to maintain and purchase any physical hardware, which significantly improves IT budget while further saving on electric cost.

No capacity limit

With the constant up-gradation of new plans and ideas organizations keep on launching new projects that require huge capacity. AWS provides this capacity at an affordable cost, therefore, their workload gets decreased, and they can easily focus on new ideas to expand their business. Whenever you feel that you need to increase your capacity you can easily do it with AWS. But if you feel that you don’t require extra storage capacity you can easily jump back to the earlier storage bandwidth, and you’ll only have to pay for what you’re using. 

Reliable and secure

Amazon offers you the unmatched capability to scale and innovate while procuring a safe environment. AWS provides a unique approach of end to end security which protects your infrastructure all the time. AWS infrastructure has especially been designed to secure your data no matter what size it has and the operations you carry forward. AWS offers the highest level of security, and hence the users easily rely on it for the security of their data and business. 

So jumpstart your cloud journey by partnering with the most efficient and scalable AWS service provider. By migrating your business to AWS, you can not only save big, but it can also enhance the productivity of your company.

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