Maintenance, as the name suggests, is a word that is used to clean or maintain a particular thing, substance or system. This cleaning should be done regularly so that the system which is being handled is efficient enough to respond to changes. Maintenance involves removal of unnecessary items from the system and addition of required changes to make it suitable with the business environment.

Automated maintenance services are services that are performed regularly in a business enterprise to make the database systems of an organization adaptable to the working environment. Maintenance operations on the database are required at a regular interval to prevent it from viruses and unwanted updations. Automated maintenance services are run on the maintenance windows which are created with predefined time intervals. 

A database has 3 predefined automated maintenance tasks:

  1. Automatic optimizer statistics collection
  2. Automatic segment advisor
  3. Automatic SQL tuning advisor 

All these tasks run in the maintenance windows by default. We can make our own maintenance window also. 

Automated maintenance services prove to be efficient to the business organization in the following ways:

  1. Optimizes workload of employees
  2. Adjustments related to intelligence of the database systems
  3. Real time reliability teams made up of intelligence, competent and highly qualified individuals.

The main purpose behind the automated maintenance services being hired by any organization is to ensure that production and operation levels are met effectively. The second important factor to be considered to hire these types of services is to keep a record of all the equipment which are used for production are performing efficiently and giving their 100% at all times. These services are performed regularly so that minor adjustments can be made by identifying problems on a daily basis. 

These services include tasks like cleaning, product management, construction clean up, web form optimizations, website visitor tracking, lead enrichment, activity and pipeline management and many more. Proper planning is required to perform these services having expertise in IT related problems and managing efficient database management systems. 

Often optimized maintenance is confused with high cost and huge labour effort which is not true. Automated maintenance services can be conducted with low cost and high availability provided there are quality professionals knowing their tasks well. 

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