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Today’s businesses need more than technology, they need solutions that make them faster, more efficient, and more profitable. At the same time, most firms don’t want to waste money on technology services they don’t need or use. That’s where NetProPC comes in. Whether you need a lot of support, or just occasional help, NetProPC provides top-quality IT services that will keep your business up and running smoothly.
NetProPC IT Services, Delivered the Way You Want

IT Project Support

Sometimes important projects take a back seat to urgent issues that pop up. Unfortunately, that can stunt long-term growth. NetProPC can help you tackle the projects you need that will move your business forward. We’ll focus on your IT needs, while you focus on growing your business.
Managed Services
NetProPC provides a full suite of outsourced managed IT services. From keeping your software up-to-date to ensuring your networking is operating efficiently at all times, we can manage your entire technology infrastructure to help your business stay ahead of the curve—and the competition.
Streamline IT
Not every business needs a full suite of IT services. Sometimes you just need a little help. With NetProPC’s Streamline IT, you get a pack of hours of IT support at a discounted, fixed price.
IT Security
There are cyber threats around every corner, and even the smallest businesses need to protect themselves. As a Sophos Gold Partner , we provide business with top IT security services, as good as what you’d expect at a Fortune 500 company, but at a far more affordable price.
Networking & Hardware
In today’s high-speed business world, your network and hardware need to work harder than ever before. That’s why it’s essential to ensure they’re operating efficiently at all times. NetProPC provides a full suite of networking and hardware services that will keep your infrastructure up and running, while supporting all the data-heavy needs of today’s modern businesses.
Cloud Services
So much of work is done online today. That’s why NetProPC offers comprehensive cloud services. So, whether you need email or website hosting, cloud-based office software, or website and application hosting, we can help you manage it effectively and efficiently.
Data Backups & Recovery
Data is the lifeblood of any business today. Losing data could mean not only a financial loss, but also a loss of customer trust. But with NetProPC’s data backup and recovery services, we make sure your data and all your documents are protected and available whenever you need it.

Great IT Services at an Affordable Price

24 x 7 Premium Service


per Month
per Year

When you need an IT expert to on call around the clock, NetProPC is here for you. No matter what the situation is, we’re here any day at any time, ready to jump into action to solve your problems quickly and effectively.

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8 x 5 Standard Service


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per Year

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, our 8 x 5 Standard Service provides you with all the support you need during business hours.

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Streamline IT


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per Year

Whether you need a small project done or an on-call IT manager, our Streamline IT serves integrates NetProPC’s IT experts with your own IT department. Ideal for small businesses and startups who need great IT support but don’t have the budget to hire full-time IT staff.

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